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Hybrid Technologies is a New Zealand owned company specializing in CCTV, Wireless LAN and Intercoms. We design and install complete systems for residential, retail and commercial sites in Auckland and around New Zealand.

We Install:
A - CCTV systems that are IP based, traditional analogue based or a combination of the two. From 1 to 64 cameras, indoor or outdoor, wired or wireless, night vision and covert, POS integration and solar powered. Connect to the internet to remote view anywhere on a PC or cell phone.

B - Wireless networks, Hotspots, Bridges, Mesh networks and laser links ranging from 2 megabits up to full duplex gigabit, over distances from 5 meters to 100 kilometers. Most commonly used for internet, CCTV, video and voice. Remote triggering and monitoring are also made possible with wireless communication.

C - Intercoms that use VoIP to communicate. They behave like normal intercoms and can be installed traditionally or installed across computer networks and Wireless links. If no one answers, the intercom can divert to a cell phone or landline number, speak two-way then press a button to remotely trigger a gate, door or switch.

All our products are from local authorized dealers allowing us to provide genuine product warranties. We back this up with a 12 month installation warranty providing you great protection for your investment.

Call us for a chat, or email your queries :
Landline (09) 444-4754
Mobile (021) 807-300
Fax (09) 974-4634

After receiving your call or email, a technician will meet with you for a free survey, this is followed by a quote containing a solution unique to your site and within your budget. If you have an existing CCTV system or Wireless network we can incorporate it into your new installation, saving you money by utilizing existing infrastructure.